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Thoughtful, well-researched insights that truly enhanced my story.
— Sarah O'Reilly, journalist, Sierra Magazine

Make the biggest impact with your writing using easy-to-understand expert input from Rachel Kazez, LCSW. The way you represent mental health and therapy in the media affects your readers and the people around them.

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Rachel Kazez, LCSW
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"[Rachel's] experience and perspective made her a perfect fit to speak to this audience. She was quick to respond, flexible with scheduling, and completely prepared with evidence-backed and firsthand clinical insight; her input helped make the piece a valuable one for readers."
- Cindy Kuzma, journalist, phone interview for

"Rachel is a communicative and articulate expert on mental health. I enjoyed working with her because of her ability to clarify and simplify complicated concepts to someone outside the field."
Danielle Corcione, freelance journalist

"Rachel made herself immediately available for interview, was generous with her time and expertise, and relayed thoughtful, well-researched insights that truly enhanced my story. She is clearly very passionate about what she does, and was pleasant, professional, and interesting via phone."
- Sarah O'Reilly, journalist, phone interview for Sierra Magazine

"What a treasure trove of information! I appreciate your quick, thoughtful response."
- Kristen Geil, freelance journalist, email interview for Greatist   -  Contact

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